Unique Experience
    Delivering Change

    APUS utilises uncommon skills and experience to support a diverse client base in achieving their objectives.

    Who we work with

    From organisations wishing to improve their operational efficiency by exploiting techniques developed from years of safety critical delivery; to governments and investors wishing to unlock additional value from airport or air traffic control infrastructure, APUS provides access to unique insight.

    APUS also offers advice on commercial, business development, and stakeholder management issues; helping engineering specialists translate their technical and functional descriptions into compelling operational benefits; supporting companies in understanding business in the Middle East and developing their market strategies; and demonstrating the importance of effective relationship mapping and stakeholder engagement activities including social media management.

    How you can benefit

    Engage with APUS to enhance your understanding of aviation and how the industry’s capabilities can be applied to improve your business. APUS can quickly deepen your understanding of the cultural differences in international markets, identify key stakeholders, and demonstrate how to tailor language and actions to deliver success.

    Who we are

    APUS was established in 2016 by John Swift after almost 30 years working internationally in the aviation industry, providing extensive operational expertise in customer relationship management, service delivery, organisational restructuring and transformation, business development and commercial management. A Chartered Director who understands both board and government priorities, John is also experienced in identifying and promptly addressing operational problems and forecasting future business requirements. Extensive international experience managing multicultural teams has delivered success in the road and rail sectors as well as the aviation sector.

    In addition to this wide-ranging experience, APUS works with select associates chosen because their own unique skills, and style of working complement our offerings and values.

    With 30 years in aviation industry, and over 20 years management and senior leadership experience

    Operational Efficiency

    Using hands on practical experience as both an operator, as well as being responsible for the transformation and management of transport related operational control facilities, APUS can assess current performance, advise on development areas, design and implement the necessary change programmes, and monitor and report on the delivery improvements achieved.

    Tools and techniques developed for the aviation industry have been successfully utilised in both the road transport and rail sectors, and provide a unique insight for numerous unrelated businesses.

    Whether focusing on a specific issue, or providing a best practice “check-up”, we’ll review your business objectively looking for innovative, practical ways to improve what your business delivers or the way it delivers it. Then we’ll work with you to develop an achievable, objective based plan, ensure buy in from the shop floor to the board, and efficiently implement these measures.

    Business Development

    Every business needs a deliberate, sector-specific sales and marketing strategy aligned with the objectives of the organisation. APUS can help you understand your target clients, particularly those in the Middle East, and ensure your offerings, and crucially, the descriptions of those offerings, meet customer needs.

    APUS can also provide insight into cultural differences, and ways of working in both Europe and the Middle East, deepening your own understanding. Using this knowledge, APUS can also support the development of bid strategy, draft executive summaries, support the creation of compelling proposals, and conduct critical reviews of outputs, to provide you with a competitive edge and help you secure sustainable business growth.

    These same skills can also be used effectively by the client in procurement processes to evaluate and assess tenders received from bidders.

    Transaction support

    Recent years have seen an increase in significant transactions in the aviation industry, like the transfer of ownership of infrastructure, such as airports; or changes in corporate structure in service providers, moving from state to semi-state or private ownership. Whilst numerous transaction generalists are available to focus on legal, commercial and finance issues, there are fewer commercial specialists available with a background in the delivery of safety critical operations.

    APUS has worked on these projects in both the public and private sector, and internationally, advising bidding consortia on opportunities to improve performance, as well as identifying potential areas of risk, thereby contributing to robust asset evaluations to support financial modelling. We can quickly provide consortia with an invaluable level of operational competence and credibility in the eyes of government, regulators and industry stakeholders such as staff and customers.

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Identifying key stakeholders, and fully understanding their needs and wants is a key success factor when trying to deliver business, operational or social change. APUS can support this process, and assist in the development of the necessary strategies to effectively engage with these important internal and external actors.

    APUS has previously engaged with the general public, staff, trades unions, boards of directors, industry regulators, government bodies, elected public representatives and ministers. This experience also allows us to act as a third party facilitator as required, to impartially identify the concerns of all parties, and support the development of consensus based solutions.

    With an already established and effective international network, combined with experience of building networks from scratch, APUS can quickly create the connections you need to successfully deliver your desired outcomes, using traditional techniques, as well as social media as a powerful tool.


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